About Lea Kaufman

I am the creator of LK Movimiento Inteligente®, author, businesswoman, engineer, artist and explorer of life.

During the last 18 years I have had the honor to help hundreds of thousands of people around the world to live with awareness and physical, mental and emotional well-being.

This section is about me, but first… it is about you!

Yes, you.

You are much more than you think

More than what you have been told, even of what you can imagine. 

Deep down, you already know: you contain the universe. 

A vital, unstoppable and needed force moves through you. 

I am here to help you uncover that strength by being more you: healthier, more authentic, happier, bolder, more brilliant, outside of your limiting patterns.


There is a deep, transformative and real journey that we can do together.


Now I tell you

My own journey

Since I was little I was moved by a great curiosity.

Having grown up in an extremely difficult context, my greatest desire was to understand. Understand what was happening, understand the others, understand what they felt. Today I know that “light is understanding” as A Course in Miracles says, and I am aware that what I was looking for was light, which is in each one of us and in every situation, no matter how dark it may seem. The one that lives in you too.


That light is consciousness


Maybe you have also looked for it in people, things, situations. And you’re sick of searching without finding because you’ve been looking in the wrong places.


I hit rock bottom at 22 years old, I was depressed, my father had just died, a relationship had ended and my family life was in chaos where madness literally reigned. I felt uncomfortable in myself and out of place in the world. I tried to understand with my head, and tried unsuccessfully to silence the sensations that overwhelmed me.


That they started my journey from the head to the body, from the mind to the heart.

I faced great challenges

First, moving to another country to study a third career: somatic education. So I left my native Uruguay with literally 300 usd in my pocket, a desire that burned me inside and a bulletproof confidence in life. And trust me, there were a lot of tests. To my autonomy, faith, abilities, internal strength.


In those years I learned to expand, to accept myself completely, with the beautiful and the ugly, to be present without apology. 


I learned that the path to the force of consciousness is in feeling what is happening in the present, and that it takes a lot of courage. 


I began to befriend my desire, my ambition and to stop hiding my gifts.


Since then I have immersed myself in different disciplines and experiences of exploration of consciousness, from Mayan shamanism and Sufi sacred dances, to cognitive science and neurobiology. 


Everything has influenced my being and my work.

Thus was born LK Intelligent Movement®, the technique that I created and on which I base all my work.

LKMI allows you to learn to be in yourself to navigate your internal world calmly and your external world with power. 


You get immediate benefits in body, mind and emotions, embodying consciousness.


Those 300 usd became years later this platform from which I have the privilege of reaching the hearts of more than 400,000 people every week. LK Intelligent Movement® has become the body awareness technique that is revolutionizing the world, with teachers certified by us in 15 countries and 3 continents. 


Today, after 18 years working in Spanish, all this knowledge is available in English through videos, my latest book and the LK Intelligent Movement Certification Program.


I invite you to do a self discovery journey together 


The work that I offer you is unique, avant-garde and systemic. It integrates body and mind, emotions and spirit, art and science, deep understanding and experience, ancestral knowledge and the latest scientific discoveries.

Are you ready to transform your reality?