Just over a week ago I returned from one of the most impressive experiences I have ever had in my life. And believe me, I’ve lived a lot, seen a lot and I’m not easy to impress. I’m still integrating everything I have experienced and the deep transformation I feel, but I want to share with you my experience which was full of magic, growth, entrepreneurship, activism and fun!

I speak of course of my stay on Necker Island where I met Sir Richard Branson and the most incredible group of businesswomen from all over the world. I was invited there, as part of The Collective, a group of female leaders and entrepreneurs led by Natalie Macneal. The Collective is an official partner of Virgin Unite, Richard Branson’s non-profit organization.

I had the great honor of being the only Latina to be invited, the first one, and I hope that many more will come after me. Creating greater impact was the intention of this meeting, supporting each other in our personal and professional matters, and mainly working together with Virgin Unite to make a difference in the world by supporting causes such as women's economic empowerment, environment and conservation, young leaders and much more. Because we lead from the heart.

You could say it’s a dream come true to be on your private island, but it’s not true. I never dreamed that I would be sitting across the table from one of the most important visionaries of the century, who not only changed the way of doing business, but also the way of leading NGOs and has an impressive commitment to making the world a better place. At that table where I sat, people like Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, Desdmond Tutu and Oprah Winfrey had previously attended, with the same intention, designing actions for a fairer, more peaceful, prosperous world.

From my childhood in Belvedere, a working-class neighborhood in Uruguay, to contributing, collaborating and having a voice in these spaces, it has been a long journey, where consciousness, somatics and my fierce desire to contribute paved the way. It was one of the greatest honors of my life to be there as a leader of consciousness, a woman and a Latina.

Being there, feeling like I belong, and that I have a lot to contribute from my work, my ideas and above all my heart and energy was an amazing honor as well. I am proud of myself, my team and this entire community that has taken me this far.

We were dining and beholding the wonderful Caribbean at a table full of delicacies, when I felt a presence behind me. It was Richard who surprised us with his unexpected presence to dine with us, a presence that he maintained during the 5 days of our stay.

And that was what impressed me the most about him, his presence, his accessibility and his desire to get to know you as a person, not focusing on what you do for a living, but on who you are. His motto is “for every hour you work, you must have two hours of fun”, so we not only had serious meetings, but also hiked, swam, and had a blast! He even meditated with me in a shamanic practice that I led!

In my life I have had the opportunity to meet, learn and be friends with great masters from different fields, art, spirituality and science, and they all share the same thing: presence, living in the present, innovative vision for the future and a connection with nature. And the fact that they care, they really care about other people, about the planet, That’s what true leaders have in common.

Richard doesn’t consider himself an entrepreneur, but rather someone who wants to improve the world, collaborate with peace processes, prevent the extinction of species, improve the environment and seek alternatives to all major conflicts.


Huge turtles, rainbows over the sea and on the moon, lemurs, flamingos, and a turquoise blue sea. Necker Island is pure magic, possibilities, it embraces you and transforms you.

The first thing the island said to me as soon as I set foot on it was: “another world is possible”. And we are giving birth to that world.

The old paradigm was about building a world, the new paradigm is about giving birth to a new world. This territory activated something in me, it made me realize that the path starts by allowing things to emerge and be what they are, as we do in each practice of LK Intelligent Movement.

That’s my message for today: allow the new thing that wants to be born from you to express itself, because it will bring a new necessary and urgent world.

I’ve been to many magical territories, such as Colombia, Israel, Mexico, Turkey, Bali, Vietnam. Territories that shake you, activate you and change you forever. I’ve had many transformative experiences, with shamans, deep somatic experiences and now I feel the same as I did in my craziest experiences, like something profound has changed and there’s no going back.

It’s as if the island and the whole experience propelled me up and I can’t get back to where I was before. So here I am writing to inspire you. I still don’t know exactly what will come out of all this, but I have the conviction that it is something huge, wonderful and powerful, for me and everyone around me.

Cheers to the great magic we are going to do together!


There are three things to which I have devoted myself passionately: somatics, shamanic ceremonies and business.

Everything I’ve ever done, I have offered to consciousness for the creation of a better world and the new humanity. So being in an absolutely magical place, directing shamanic ceremonies, spending time with the most successful people in the digital world, learning from one of the most conscious and successful entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson, and working on projects with a high social impact, felt like being in a true paradise.

As I see it, there are two unavoidable keys, -if you really want to evolve in all areas of your life, you have to work on them-: the somatic work that takes you inside and explains your biological being, and the work on subtle energies, all of this focused on embodying consciousness.

So I was happy to be able to work on them in such a powerful setting!

The first night we arrived I led a practice to connect with the Queen archetype, meant to make us feel elevated.

The second night we had a fire and full moon ritual where we dressed up as our cosmic being and left behind everything that no longer serves us.

The third night we embodied the elements to connect even more with nature.

On our last night together I had the wonderful opportunity to officiate a wedding! We created a beautiful space of love, connection and commitment for a beautiful couple!

As you know, I believe everything is a system, everything is connected and we are all part of it. We cannot be one thing without the other. I can’t separate my medicine woman, from my somatics teacher, from my inner businesswoman. I can’t and I won’t separate my passions, nor my work, nor the multitudes that I contain. Consciousness doesn’t mean to be better, it means being who we truly are. And that’s what I offer in each content I share with you.

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When women get together in sorority, we are unstoppable. And this group of female leaders is an example of that.

How we can all shine, complement each other, support each other and help each other grow, giving birth to the new humanity. And of course, have fun in the process!

Richard Branson’s motto is “for every hour of work, have two hours of fun!” And we definitely had fun while we changed the world!

The joy, the pleasure of women is absolutely powerful, and when it is uncovered, it opens up an incredible energy of creation. The time you spend with your friends is pure gold, it’s alchemy and healing.

So make sure you enjoy what you are doing!


I had the opportunity to be there thanks to the group of female leaders that partnered with Virgin Unit, Richard Branson’s non-profit organization.

The main reason for this trip was our close collaboration with them, to strengthen ties and in my case to have a more committed role as a mentor for young leaders and creating resilience and somatic trauma management programs for conflict zones. To me, this was the most important part of this whole trip.

There’s one project in particular that I want to share with you: THE NEW NOW, a project that supports young leaders, giving them resources, mentoring and training. Some of these leaders are in places like Afghanistan, Syria, Gambia and Nigeria among others.

Another great project is the 30×30 Ocean Unit, to protect the ocean.

As a mentor, I am extremely excited to be able to collaborate with people who are shaping our future. Because we are only going to give birth to a new world by giving birth to a new humanity, a more aware, connected and committed one. It’s time to re-imagine, create and act.

Let us give birth to the new world together.


  • When you know what it is right, do it no matter how unlikely
  • Make your greatest weakness your greatest success
  • The brave don’t live forever, but the coward doesn’t live at all
  • If you don’t try, you’ll never make it
  • Care deeply for the people who are in your circle To yourself, your family, friends, neighbors, team, the world
  • Passionately embrace your passions
  • Don’t be limited by numbers and accountants, follow your instincts
  • All entrepreneurs are improving the world
  • If you create something special, it will work
  • Entrepreneurs know how to make things better. They move faster than governments and NGOs.
  • What will create a real and positive difference? Choose that as your business
  • Do not be ashamed of your economic success
  • Extreme wealth implies extreme responsibility
  • You do not need much to be happy, relationships are everything.
  • Life is wonderful

Feel what you feel.

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