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“El Puente a la Consciencia,” celebrated for its bestseller status in Spanish and now available in English, unfolds a profound four-phase process to connect with consciousness through your body. This influential book masterfully integrates somatic practices, nervous system regulation, and a harmonious blend of mystical and scientific insights into consciousness.

The heart of this book lies in its practical approach, offering a tangible path for readers to engage with and understand their physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions.

Coinciding with the English release, the eBook version is available for those eager to embark on this transformative journey. More so, a specially curated workshop has been crafted to complement the book’s teachings.

This workshop is not just an addition but a practical arena where the concepts of the book come to life. It provides hands-on exercises and methodologies, enabling readers to actively practice and embody the book’s principles of somatic awareness and consciousness in their everyday lives.

This combination of the book and its practical workshop is ideal for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of self-awareness or to explore transformative practices. “El Puente a la Consciencia” in English, along with its experiential workshop, opens doors to personal discovery and holistic well-being, making the journey from theory to practice both enriching and accessible.


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