La práctica que ha cambiado la vida de más de 600.000 personas en todo el mundo

¡Certifícate en Educación Somática
de Vanguardia y Expande Tu Horizonte!

Welcome to the International Accredited Certification in LK Intelligent Movement.

Training solid and cutting-edge professionals since 2016.

Welcome to the International Accredited Certification in LK Intelligent Movement.

Training solid and cutting-edge professionals since 2016.

Are you ready for a journey that will transform your life and the lives of others?

Have you longed for an approach that allows you to explore the depth of your own consciousness while guiding others to do the same? How would you feel about unlocking your potential and at the same time empowering others to do the same?

How would it be for you to receive personalized accompaniment and continuous support from a passionate community? Can you imagine the power of being surrounded by people who share your same goals and aspirations?

Do you see yourself expanding your practice beyond the conventional, incorporating both ancestral knowledge and scientific insights for a holistic approach? What would it mean to be innovative in your field?

La Evolución de tu Biología
y Consciencia entrelazadas

magine a path of transformation that fuses the ancestral with the avant-garde, the ancient with the innovative, the profound with the practical. Welcome to LK Intelligent Movement, the quintessential somatic method, where the wisdom of generations meets modern science in a unique journey toward authenticity and well-being.


LK Intelligent Movement is more than a practice; it’s an awakening of your inner power and a connection with your body’s intelligence. It’s a profound understanding of what it means to be human, to have this biology and this consciousness, and how to evolve with them. Through movements that heal, liberate, and empower, and a deep process of directed attention, you will immerse yourself in a world where every gesture is an opportunity to transform and connect with consciousness.

Our approach is not limited to the surface but penetrates the deepest layers of your being. You will delve into the fabric of biology and consciousness that forms your life, understand it, and unravel it. You’ll awaken your senses, reconnect with your emotions, and release the tension stored in each muscle. Your body becomes your bridge to consciousness.


As you immerse yourself in our practices, you will feel how consciousness and vitality flow through you, transforming not just your body but your entire life. And that is the starting point to become a high-impact somatic educator.

Do you want to be the leader of your own life and guide others towards well-being? The opportunity is here.
Apply for your enrollment in the certification and be part of the intelligent movement revolution.

Toma tu lugar en la Certificación que transforma vidas

Sumérgete en una experiencia de aprendizaje
que va más allá de lo común.
Nuestra Certificación en LK Movimiento Inteligente
es una joya rara y valiosa que te guiará hacia
una nueva dimensión de bienestar y consciencia.
¡Esto no es simplemente una certificación,
es un pasaporte a una vida más plena y auténtica!

The Transformation Begins Here:

This certification is not just about theories and abstract concepts, nor about applying a few movements. It is a practical and profound journey towards personal and professional transformation. Through 350 hours of carefully designed education, you will be immersing yourself in an ocean of embodied knowledge that will take you from the fundamentals to the deepest layers of somatic education.


Whether you want to teach groups, individuals, in companies, or in wellness areas, LK Intelligent Movement provides the tools to transform lives.
Are you ready to be a catalyst for evolution?

Modules that Go Deep:

Nine powerful modules will guide you through a journey that not only teaches but also transforms. Each module is like a door opening to a new understanding of your body and mind. From biomechanically healing movements to practices of incorporating consciousness into everyday life, you will be exploring and discovering at every step of the way.

No More Monotony, But Magic:

Tired of boring and monotonous training? Here, each session is a magical experience. Dive into 100 sessions of Intelligent Movement that not only teach you but inspire you to move with passion and purpose! The 36 theoretical videos are like windows opening to a deep and reflective understanding of each movement.

Graduates in 25 Countries Since 2016

Since its foundation in 2016, LK Intelligent Movement certification has transcended borders and cultures, weaving a global network of impact and transformation. This community has spread its wings in over 25 countries, thanks to the dedication and passion of more than 16 cohorts of certified instructors. The global resonance of LK Intelligent Movement reflects its ability to unite a diversity of individuals, cultures, and backgrounds under the common banner of biology and consciousness.

Time and Dedication Focused on Your Process

You will need time and dedication to regulate your nervous system, unlearn obsolete patterns, cultivate systemic thinking, and expand your heart. This formative process deeply encompasses all levels of your being, avoiding instant magical formulas in favor of authentic and sustainable growth. The 9 months of immersion in a process of profound self-knowledge, personal discovery, and skill development will resonate in every aspect of your life and actions.

Support that Lifts You Up:

And don’t worry, you won’t be alone on this journey. Our vibrant community of certified instructors and experts in the field will be by your side, offering support and encouragement at every step. The 28 live online sessions for mentorship and support, as well as daily exchanges on the platform, will connect you with mentors and peers who will inspire you to grow and evolve.

The Profession That Marks the Future
of Personal Evolution

La profesión que marca el futuro
de la evolución personal

As a graduate of the LK Intelligent Movement® Certification, you will pave your way into a world of professional possibilities that transcend boundaries and generate impact.

Imagine transforming lives and leaving a significant mark in multiple areas. Here are some examples:

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    As a Teacher in Health and Wellness Centers, you will guide individuals and groups towards profound physical and emotional recovery.
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    Direct your own LK Intelligent Movement Studio, creating a space of well-being and evolution under your management skills and knowledge.
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    Coordinate and Teach in Corporate Programs, promoting well-being and consciousness in the workplace, where companies value the well-being of their employees more than ever.
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    Ignite the passion for knowledge as a Teacher in Universities and Educational Centers, forging a conscious and healthy future for the coming generations.
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    In Performing Arts and Sports, take your skills to another level, improving the performance and physical well-being of artists and athletes.

You are going to be a real leader of the new paradigm:
the paradigm of embodied consciousness.

Accreditation and Endorsement: A Seal of Excellence:

Our certification is accredited and endorsed by industry experts! This means that you’re not just gaining high-quality knowledge, you’re receiving an education that has been backed by recognized professionals in the field! This is not just a stamp of approval; it’s a guarantee of excellence. But our validation doesn’t only come from seals and accreditations, it also comes from our director’s 20 years of experience, the worldwide renown of our teachers, and the transformation stories of our graduates.

This Is Not Just a Certification, It's a Life Change:

In summary, this certification is not just an accumulation of information. It’s a path of transformation that will take you to the reality of your inner experience with courage and strength, with radical acceptance. It means leaving behind the violent intention of change by following a model and entering into the spontaneous transformation that springs from your inner wisdom. It’s a journey that awakens the dormant potential within you and turns you into a leader who accompanies others in their process of consciousness. It’s not about following a model, applying four steps, or a cognitive process without involving the body. It’s the path of feeling towards your always evolving inner wisdom.


Ready to dive into a world of possibilities? Your journey towards a profound and meaningful transformation begins here. Join us and discover what the Internationally Accredited Certification has in store for you!


Obtendrás un profundo proceso de transformación
personal y profesional.

9 módulos de formación.

100 sesiones de Movimiento Inteligente.

36 videos teóricos.

28 sesiones online en vivo de asesoría.

Acompañamiento de tu proceso personal.

36 miniclases exclusivas.

36 video explicación y análisis de las clases.

Clases magistrales con profesores internacionales.

Manual de 100 paginas con fotografia a color, impreso y enviado a tu casa

Sesión individual
de bienvenida con la academia


Libro y taller online con bonos de
«El Puente a la Consciencia»

  • Obtendrás un profundo proceso de transformación personal y profesional.
  • 9 módulos de formación.
  • 100 sesiones de Movimiento Inteligente.
  • 36 videos teóricos.
  • 28 sesiones online en vivo de asesoría.
  • Acompañamiento de tu proceso personal.
  • 36 miniclases exclusivas.
  • 36 video explicación y análisis de las clases.
  • Clases magistrales con profesores internacionales.
  • Manual de 100 paginas con fotografia a color, impreso y enviado a tu casa
  • Sesión individual de bienvenida con la academia

Discover the fascinating topics you will learn month by month, download the complete curriculum

You will be guided by the best experts in the field.



Discover Your Power as a
LK Intelligent Movement Practitioner

Have you ever felt the desire to have a real impact on the lives of others? With this certification, you will be able to guide your students and clients in regulating their nervous system, rediscovering the body as a gateway to consciousness, and unlocking their potential.


You won’t just be an instructor. You will be a solidly trained leader, capable of making a difference in areas such as body, mind, emotions, consciousness, and behavior. Being a Master in Intelligent Movement is more than a title; it’s a commitment and a journey towards profound transformation and empowerment.Tú no serás una simple instructora. Serás una líder sólidamente formada, capaz de marcar la diferencia en áreas como cuerpo, mente, emociones, consciencia y comportamiento. Ser una Maestra en Movimiento Inteligente es más que un título; es un compromiso y un viaje hacia la transformación profunda y el empoderamiento.

As a Master in Intelligent Movement, you become a guide for personal evolution and well-being, using the avant-garde technique created by Lea Kaufman to help others connect with their body, mind, and spirit consciously. You are a beacon of somatic wisdom, teaching people to move intelligently in their daily lives and embrace a new dimension of consciousness.


From classrooms to studios, businesses, and communities, your influence spreads, helping to unlock the latent potential in each individual. Being a Practitioner in Intelligent Movement means being a facilitator of healing and a leader in the evolution of human consciousness and a companion in processes.

Your influence will resonate far beyond the sessions, as you will be able to offer these benefits:


Al regular tu sistema nervioso, experimentarás mejoras en tu postura, destrezas y habilidades físicas. Además, podrás decir adiós a los dolores, incluso a los crónicos, mientras permites que tu cuerpo alcance su máximo potencial.


Despeja el camino hacia una mente clara, enfocada y creativa. El ruido mental, los juicios y el control disminuirán, permitiéndote tener una mentalidad más nítida y apreciar la calma interior.


Aprende a abrazar tus emociones con aceptación, serenidad y armonía. A medida que conectas con tus sentimientos verdaderos, ganarás una sensibilidad renovada que se convertirá en tu fortaleza.


Explora las profundidades de tu autoconocimiento, obtén autoridad interna y presencia en cada momento. Deja atrás la autocrítica y el auto odio, y conecta con la sabiduría de tu cuerpo para tomar decisiones saludables y conscientes.


Experimenta una mayor apertura y receptividad en tus relaciones y situaciones. Aprende a actuar en coherencia con tus pensamientos y sentimientos, enfrenta desafíos con resiliencia y cultiva una relación más amorosa contigo misma.

A love letter for you

You contain the universe. I firmly believe this. I believe in you and your wisdom. I have created this certification (which has trained hundreds of people since 2016) for people like you: brave, awake, wise, solid, who seek to enter their internal reality, not avoid it. Those who seek deep processes, not magic formulas. Those who want to accompany others with maturity, facing reality head-on, not evading it. People like you, who represent the new human being and want to lead the new paradigm.


I see the human being as the intersection of biology and consciousness, and their integration and expansion is my mission. Doing it together in the elevation of collective consciousness is the goal of this certification.


I have a deep commitment to your training. To your evolution. I have put my 20 years of experience into the certification to serve your expansion. You have my total commitment that this process is designed in every detail to provide you with the most solid somatic training you can find.

The world needs more than ever serious somatic experts, who can go beyond the surface and offer deep processes that really work. This role is vital in the evolutionary moment of humanity.


We are universal consciousness and also our human biology that carries our patterns, which began during childhood. That’s why in the certification the first 4 months we focus on your personal process, and the last 5 months on the didactics of teaching and entrepreneurship. There is no other way, and the process cannot be shortened. Those 9 months are necessary to be reborn, being more yourself.


We have a place for you, where you will be received and welcomed as you are
We are waiting for you.

Feel what you feel.