A Body Consciousness system to change the way you feel and experience everyday life.

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¿What is LK Intelligent Movement®?

It is a body Consciousness technique

Created and designed by Lea Kaufman that allows you to learn how to live authentically in yourself, to move intelligently in the world and to move genuinely through life. It enables the embodiment of consciousness in you, boosting the development of your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

LK Intelligent Movement is based on the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais and Dr. Ruthy Alon. Lea has expanded on their teachings; through her innovation Lea created a movement awareness technique that is revolutionizing the world. LK Intelligent Movement incorporates somatic education, systems theory, PsychoCorporal therapies, personal development techniques and teaching skills.

Created ten years ago, LKIM has certificated teachers in 20 countries in three continents.

Now, we are delighted to offer LKIM Certification program in English.


Integrated Life

Feel how your being and your doing come together to empower your true creative spirit, in a mighty and integrated way.

Increase your Vitality

Discover that you actually DO have the will, the strength and the energy to live your life and accomplish what you desire.

Potentiate your profession

WITH NEW SOMATIC TOOLS that will allow you to connect your mission with your work.

Real and sustained transformation

Experience profound changes that cannot be achieved in a one-day conference or a superficial session.

Clarity and Confidence

Wield the right tools to expand your awareness and communicate your mission accurately and powerfully.

True Empowerment

Manifest your true powerful being into the world.

They Did It. So Can You


in LK Intelligent Movement®


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    You become a pioneer in a cutting-edge technique.
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    You expand your professional possibilities.
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    You learn how to use this career as a vehicle to fulfill your purpose.
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    You refine your presence and your attention.
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    You are intentionally focused.
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    You experience unparalleled acceptance.
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    You live in restorative harmony.
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    You grow in wisdom’s balance.
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    You improve your posture.
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    You gain flexibility and stability.
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    You eliminate discomfort and pain.
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    You free yourself from old habits.

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Lea Kaufman

Lea Kaufman, creator of LK Intelligent Movement, is the world’s leading expert in consciousness through movement, representing a clear, profound and modern way to bring the public closer to their own light and to the power of their own body. Touching people’s lives from the United States to Argentina, from the Caribbean to Spain, Lea’s mission is to work on bringing more consciousness into the lives of those who follow her.  Every week, from her digital platform www.leakaufman.com, she transforms the lives of more than 500,000 followers.


Apodérate de tu cuerpo, her first book, was published by the Spanish publishing house Sirio in January 2015, and in June 2015 a second edition went on sale. At the Bogota Book Fair, Lea was listed among “The 10 most anticipated authors of the FIL Bogota”, and Apodérate de tu cuerpo was on the fair’s bestseller list. Lea appears constantly in Latin America and Spanish media.


Lea, born in Montevideo, Uruguay, is a somatic educator, systems engineer, dancer, actress, digital business entrepreneur and globetrotter. She has studied in psycho-corporal therapies, systems theory, cultural biology, meditation and shamanism; additionally, she has walked a long path of personal growth.


Passionate about understanding the human being, Lea used her unique gift of integrating different disciplines, her capacity for synthesis and an avant-garde thinking, to offer a clear and robust path to consciousness for today’s world. Using these abilities, Lea created LK Intelligent Movement to ensure anyone with a desire to grow has the capacity to learn to navigate their inner world with calm and their outer world with might.

She has presented her work in Holland, Spain, United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

Today, the community of certified teachers she has created has a presence in 20 countries and 3 continents.


Learn all the details about the International Certification in LK Intelligent Movement®. Admission profile, professional applications, academic staff and much more.

Lea Kaufman and LK Intelligent Movement®

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