How to free your throat

How to free your throat

Do you feel your throat closed?

There are only a few weeks left to finish the year, and I’m sure you still have a lot to do like me!

I know you have a great desire in you to start 2022 doing what is really essential for you: your well-being in body, mind, and emotions. That is why next December 7th I am going to teach a free workshop and I would love for you to witness it in real-time (or watch the recording). In a few days, I will send you more information, for now, you can add it to your schedule here.

Are you one of those people who feel anguish in their throat? Do you feel that your throat closes? Would you like to know how to free your throat and the emotions contained therein?

Well, this is what today’s video on Intelligent Movement TV is all about.

If you feel there were many emotions trapped in your body this year, or many years ago, and you want to renew your energy, say YES to life and regulate your nervous system, see you on the 7th! Schedule it here.

Practice right now today’s mini class to clear your throat and tell me how it went!

Feel what you feel.

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