How to regulate your emotions

How to regulate your emotions

If you feel overwhelmed by your emotions, watch this.

If you feel overwhelmed by your emotions, it’s essential that you focus on releasing them ASAP to prevent body discomfort and pain.

Being conscious about the “quality” of our daily thoughts is crucial because the process usually goes like this: thoughts, emotions, body


  • Thought: “he didn’t call me today”
  • Emotion: “sad, overwhelmed”
  • Body: “headache, stomach ache, chest pain, etc.”

Did I use a teenager as an example? Yes, I did! 😊

The best way to heal is by modifying your patterns

emotions table 2

Today I want to share with you the LK Intelligent Movement video to calm your emotions.

Everyone who practices LK Intelligent Movement embodies that consciousness and feels a sense of well-being in all aspects of their lives.

Today’s LK Intelligent Movement mini-lesson will help you anchor yourself in your body so you can feel more peaceful and calm.

You’ll be able to prevent your emotions from taking over you and controlling your life.

Remember you are very important to me, so I would love to know your thoughts after you watch and practice today’s lesson. Leave your comment in the comment section.


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