How to soften the psoas muscle

How to soften the psoas muscle

Do you know about "the muscle of the soul"?

I haven’t been in touch for a while now, however, you are always in my heart.

I’ve been working on several projects in Spanish, such as the launch of my book in physical format, which became a bestseller! That has kept me a little busy, but I’m always thinking of you. That’s why today I have a very special gift for you, a new Intelligent Movement TV Episode.
In this new lesson, we’ll learn how to soften the psoas muscle.

Maybe your waist hurts. Or your abdomen doesn’t feel right. Perhaps you had a strong emotional impact and since then you can’t stand up straight. Or, maybe, when you try to raise your legs you feel something in your groin or back won’t let you.

And all these situations might have one reason, a silent protagonist: the psoas muscle, or as the Chinese like to call it, "the muscle of the soul".

That’s how important this muscle is, but unfortunately we tend to forget about it, forcing it by sitting all day. Relaxing and activating this muscle allows us to solve many back, hip and lack of energy problems. It is crucial in maintaining our body structure, to keep us upright and walking.

This muscle originates in the back, and descends to the pelvis, forming the “back and support” of our center of power. The bony structure of the center of power is the pelvis, and its muscular support includes the psoas muscle.

If you want to feel relaxed and vital at the same time while connecting your body, your mind and your soul, please do the lesson with me and tell me in the comments how it went.

Oh, and of course, if you know someone who would be benefited by this class, share it with them!

Tell me in the comments how it went and if you know about someone who needs this class, send it to them!

Feel what you feel

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    Thank you for this. It’s amazing that such a short, gentle exercise could make so much difference. I felt much more upright when I stood up. Walking felt like gliding and I felt I was walking like a model! I also felt a big lift in my mood and felt really playful by the time I finished.

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    thanks! an easy and simple way to open up the hip joints and softening the psoas muscle. I love it ! In standing my pelvis is more easily upright afterwards.
    I will continue … 🙂