Talking to one of the great minds of the century

Talking to one of the great minds of the century

Talking to one of the great minds of the century.

Do you know that feeling when you admire someone so much and finally meet them? Well, that happened to me with Fritjof Capra last year, and today I am very excited to present him in this exclusive interview on LK Intelligent Movement TV.


Fritjof has a PhD in theoretical physics. Simultaneously to his research and teaching activities and for more than 30 years he has studied in depth the philosophical and social consequences of modern science. He teaches seminars and conferences on this subject with relative frequency in various countries.

He is the author of the famous best-seller: The Tao of Physics, a book that was the starting point for numerous publications on the interrelationship between the universe discovered by modern physics and ancient mysticism.

His vision is based on the fact that the nature of reality is a creative and interconnected process in which nothing can be understood by itself, but by its belonging to the infinite and extensive dance of creation.


He is one of the greatest exponents of systems thinking, one of the foundations of LK Intelligent Movement. During the International Certification in LKIM, we deeply study Systems Thinking, being one of the skills that our graduates develop the most.


This interview is a gem, watch it here and leave me your comments.

Feel what you feel.

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    Pia Kopp

    Thank you for this interesting interview !
    It was great to see and hear from Fritjof Capra after so many years! I was referring to his book ‘ der kosmische Reigen’ (from 1975) – amongst others – in the eighties, when I was writing my exam work for a holistic kind of gymnastic school (Dore Jacobs Schule). I am happy to hear from him again after years, in the context of your work ! Thanks and Regards Pia